5 Tips to Optimize SharePoint While Preparing for a Hybrid Deployment

Webinar Recorded on: Thursday, March 17, 2016 

For organizations planning to migrate to a hybrid deployment of the their SharePoint and Office 365 infrastructure, the need to optimize the current SharePoint deployment is a crucial step in not only reducing the amount of work required for a successful migration but one that can increase end-user performance and decrease the risk of an unsuccessful migration.

Hybrid changes the way SharePoint functions and pre-planning optimizations can return huge gains once the initial deployment is completed. Join Metalogix SharePoint expert Adam Levithan as he unveils the top five optimizations that organizations need to consider before they plan to move to a SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint 2016 hybrid deployment.

Such optimizations will help SharePoint Admins and IT professionals provide the best end-user experience, gain early warnings as performance issues are developing, obtain better insight into the interdependency between SharePoint infrastructure and applications and develop data-centric analysis to view trends and patterns.

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About our Presenter, Adam Levithan

Adam is a Product Manager at Metalogix and is an advocate for supporting collaboration through technology by connecting the business needs with the right technology. Prior to Metalogix, Adam was a Practice Lead for Office 365 in a cutting edge Microsoft Consulting firm where he was responsible for moving customers to the cloud, designing and implementing information architecture (SharePoint Farm and content) and increasing user adoption. Adam is an ongoing member of the SharePoint Saturday DC coordinating committee and active speaker at various events.