Secrets of Office 365 Storage Architecture Revealed

Webinar recorded on: Thursday, February 18, 2016

How can Office 365 support millions of users and still perform well?

Discover how Microsoft improved on the SharePoint storage architecture to deliver Office 365 for today’s business and organizational needs.

Join Paul LaPorte for a free webinar to learn:

  • How Microsoft changed the SharePoint storage architecture to deliver superior performance.
  • How externalization enabled Microsoft to avoid the limitations most administrators have struggled with for years.
  • How you can deliver the same architecture to your organization’s on-premises SharePoint.

And more...

Manohar Nikkam
Amy Davis
Joseph Scarpa 

"A great learning experience for me."


"Very well done—great speaker and great information."


"Well done. Great alignment with what you say and what Microsoft says."

Paul LaPorte

About our Presenter, Paul LaPorte

Paul LaPorte is an expert in business continuity, disaster recovery and security. He is Director of Product Marketing for Backup and Storage products at Metalogix, and previously served as Principle Strategist for Continuity Research, and as a senior executive of Evergreen Assurance, a pioneer in real-time disaster recovery for mission critical applications.