SharePoint High Availability or Disaster Recovery? That is the Question.

Webinar recorded on: Thursday, July 30, 2015 13:00 ET

What would happen if your SharePoint went down?

SharePoint has become an integral part of your Organization’s daily work life, and the end users start asking “What If?” questions. With this dependence on technology comes great responsibility for business stakeholders and IT administrators alike to decide on how best to ensure SharePoint content is always available.


In this session we will examine the pros and cons of SharePoint High Availability (of limited list, library, structure, etc) content versus traditional system wide disaster recovery. The end result are several ways on supporting your business critical content in the future.

We'll Cover:

  • The Pro's and Con's of High Availability
  • Traditional System wide recovery options
  • How to support your businesses content in the future
Manohar Nikkam
Amy Davis
Joseph Scarpa 

"A great learning experience for me."


"Very well done—great speaker and great information."


"Well done. Great alignment with what you say and what Microsoft says."


About our Presenter, Adam Levithan

Adam is a Product Manager at Metalogix and is an advocate for supporting collaboration through technology by connecting the business needs with the right technology. Prior to Metalogix, Adam was a Practice Lead for Office 365 in a cutting edge Microsoft Consulting firm where he was responsible for moving customers to the cloud, designing and implementing information architecture (SharePoint Farm and content) and increasing user adoption. Adam is an ongoing member of the SharePoint Saturday DC coordinating committee and active speaker at various events.