The Easiest Way to Migrate to Office 365

Essentials for Office 365

  • Plan ahead to ensure a smooth move to Office 365
  • Move content from almost anywhere easily with zero downtime
  • Report on migration success and how people are using Office 365
  • Manage users, licenses and content with a single click from your desktop
  • Protect Office 365 with enhanced control over user access & permissions

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Google Drive

Personal drives

File shares



A Four-Step Guide to Office 365 Migration

Across 20,000+ companies and 15+ years we’ve developed this simple tool and a proven four-step approach for migrating your content.


Before you start moving content to Office 365, you’ll need to understand your current environment by running an analysis to catch potential issues early, so you move only what’s needed and ensure a smooth migration.


Now it’s time to move your content. We allow you to see it all in a single interface, wherever it resides (including file shares, older versions of SharePoint, and cloud services such as Box, Dropbox and Google Drive) and drag-and-drop it into Office 365. You can even expedite migration efforts up to 20X with Turbo mode


If you want to look like a true rock star, you need to show that your migration was successful, and more importantly, report on how people are using your new Office 365 environment. We have dozens of actionable reports to make it simple for you to stay in the know.


OK! Now you’ve moved in! Keep everything running smoothly in Office 365 with the same tool that helped you get there. Quickly add and remove users, manage site collections, sites and libraries, and provision Office 365 services and licenses… all from a single, intuitive interface.





We Have You Covered with Built-in Security Features

so you (and your compliance folks!) can rest easy knowing your content is safe

Control External Access

Balance freedom and control by understanding what content is being shared externally.

Change User Permissions

Update an individual’s or a whole team’s access to content and sites easily from one location.

Easily Audit Security

The only way to fix security is to know it’s broken. Built-in reports allow you to view Office 365 risks.

"I’d needed to migrate an almost unused SharePoint 2007 Foundation site, and your utility did this magically, and painlessly, without the tears, blood and small animal sacrifices to dark gods that'd normally be required to carry this out."

Andrew Martin-Hugessen, Owner, Logictek




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