SharePoint & Office 365 Migrations

There's no easy button for a complex SharePoint or Office 365 migration. Users need 100% uptime. The CTO agrees and wants seamless management of user content, security and permissions. The legal team expects that you've reviewed every compliance and governance requirement. They all agree that the migration should equal an environment with more speed, security and searchability.

Our solutions help. They allow you to identify the content that you have today, keep the best of your investments tomorrow, provide the flexibility to move content to new locations and add metadata attributes on the fly.

If you're looking to maximize your migration, our solutions can help your team plan and deliver migration success.

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Consolidate Content

Bring personal and team content together in SharePoint & OneDrive for Business from File Shares

Update Structure

When your organization changes or there are new SharePoint features, update your architecture with ease

Andrew Martin-Hugessen, Owner, Logictek

"I’d needed to migrate an almost unused SharePoint 2007 Foundation site, and your utility did this magically, and painlessly, without the tears, blood and small animal sacrifices to dark gods that’d normally be required to carry this out."

With Great Power Comes Great Flexibility

Content Matrix allows you to speed up your migration and overcome complex obstacles, giving you the control you need to master even the most difficult migrations. Multiply the time & effort of your administrators, reduce risk, and meet project timelines using the power of scale and automation.

Multiply Speed

Combine consoles and servers to simultaneously migrate content into SharePoint with Distributed Migration

Transform Content

Need to update site templates or a column into managed metadata? We allow you to automate it easily

Ultimate Control

Use PowerShell to build repeatable and automated migration steps for all of your tasks

Re-Organize Content

Bulk organize large numbers of documents while applying new metadata during or after migration

Directions to install or uninstall Content Matrix can be found in the Content Matrix Advanced Installation Guide

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