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The summer holiday may be over, but hopefully you were able to relax!

Now that you’re back, it’s time to start thinking about your cloud strategy and the GDPR. Metalogix can help develop a comprehensive strategy for SharePoint & Office 365 security and governance, so you can have the peace of mind to stay relaxed.

Let’s talk about your current strategy and how we can help.

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A Few Ways Metalogix Can Help Your Company


Don’t worry if you’re not sure of your route. We’ll help your company get a clear picture of potential risks and pave a smooth road to compliance.

Cloud Strategy

Don't let the Cloud put a damper on your summer. We can simplify your company's process of migrating and managing in a simple way, no matter the complexity.


Nothing is going to spoil your summer fun. We can ensure your company's business has the freedom to collaborate and the control to prevent information loss.

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Let’s talk about how Metalogix can help strengthen your security and governance strategy.

Learn About Security in SharePoint & Office 365

49% of people with SharePoint and Office 365 have suffered a data breach in the last 24 months.

More than 63% of people with SharePoint and Office 365 don’t know where sensitive data is located.

Only 34% of people with SharePoint and Office 365 have visibility into cloud-based file sharing apps.

Get Started on the Path to Compliance

Download Metalogix Expert to get the bigger picture on your system’s vulnerabilities. It’s a completely free tool that helps you identify potential risk and mitigate data breaches. Your summer holiday may be over, but you can still get the peace of mind you need to RELAX! :)