Microsoft Teams, GDPR, and Hybrid: Top Trends Redefining How You Collaborate

Recorded on February 14, 2018 11:00 AM ET

Need some insight into how market trends like Microsoft Teams, GDPR, or Hybrid will affect how your organization handles collaboration to optimize performance?

Let’s face it – traditional work environments no longer support the needs of a modern, collaborative workspace and a 21st century (and often dispersed) workforce. Organizations are facing digital transformation and traditional ECM is quickly becoming a concept of the past.

In this webinar, Microsoft MVP Alistair Pugin sits down with Metalogix CEO Trevor Hellebuyck to discuss recent developments in the world of content management and digital collaboration, impacting organizations around the world and changing the way we conduct business every day.

Specifically, they will cover:

- How Microsoft Teams is shaping organizational interactions and collaboration
- The ever-changing global regulatory landscape (and impending GDPR enforcement on May 25!)
- How to seamlessly journey from on-prem environments, to hybrid, and ultimately, to the cloud

This webinar will also give a sneak peek into the innovations that Metalogix is launching to support you through these changes over the coming months.

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Our Presenters:

Trevor Hellebuyck - CEO - Metalogix

Trevor is a recognized SharePoint innovator and the principal architect of StoragePoint, the ground-breaking storage optimization software for SharePoint. Trevor joined Metalogix in 2010 with the acquisition of BlueThread Technologies. He was instrumental in the launch and growth of StoragePoint while serving as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of BlueThread Technologies, a company focused on developing applications for Microsoft products and technologies. StoragePoint has become the #1 Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) solution in the market. Prior to BlueThread, Trevor led technology teams in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Enterprise Application Integration at NuSoft Solutions, acquired by RCM Technologies in 2008.

Alistair Pugin - Microsoft MVP

Alistair has worked in various capacities in multiple verticals from retail – manufacturing to government, spanning 50 to 50000 users utilizing all aspects of pure Enterprise Information Management. His current position as an Office Servers MVP in Johannesburg, South Africa, provides him with a mechanism to assist companies with designing their Microsoft productivity stack using “best of breed”, proven methodologies to foster innovation and growth through an ECM framework while incorporating a Knowledge Management strategy

Tracy van der Schyff - Microsoft MVP

Tracy is an energetic, hyperactive adrenaline junkie who sees challenges and issues as opportunities and thrives on improving processes, environments and the general quality of life. Her broad knowledge about IT and Business gives her the ability to communicate on both levels and convey meaningful requirements and narrow the (ever present) gap between the two.

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