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The EU data privacy regulation is effective as of May 25, 2018. Don’t let SharePoint be your compliance weak point.

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May 25th is not the finish line – it is a starting point.

GDPR represents an opportunity to demonstrate to customers that you value their trust by treating the protection of their personal information seriously. Enforcement on May 25th should not be regarded as a GDPR compliance readiness finish line, but instead as a starting point to building respectful, long-term relationships with customers.

GDPR enforceable as of
May 25, 2018

Groups that process personal data of European residents must comply with the new law

Fines for non-compliance can be as high as €20M or 4% of annual revenue

GDPR Offender to SharePoint Defender

The EU passed the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to protect the data privacy of its citizens and reshape the way organizations approach data privacy. While this may be good news for citizens, GDPR will require significant attention to how your organization stores, manages, and secures personal and sensitive data as it lives and travels through repositories like SharePoint and Office 365.


of organizations have had at least one confirmed data breach in the SharePoint environment in the past three years


of organizations using SharePoint do not believe existing tools are “very effective” at protecting sensitive content from accidental exposure or a targeted breach.


of organizations do not have sufficient visibility into where sensitive data is located within SharePoint.


of organizations do not feel they do a good job ensuring SharePoint users interact with confidential or sensitive data appropriately.

Don’t let traditional SharePoint tool leave you exposed. Check SharePoint off of your GDPR "to do" list and break through the limitations of standard tools with a customizable solution tailored to your information security and governance needs, yet flexible enough to address multiple regulatory landscapes. To learn more about the new regulations, check out the Metalogix GDPR eBook:

Prepare for Regulatory Compliance Now

Compliance isn't something you do once and forget, and it's definitely not one-size-fits-all. Explore some of the ways the GDPR is affecting how data is collected and stored by different industries below:

Financial Institutions

Since financial institutions offer ancillary services to its customers, they will be held responsible for all third-party data management.

They will also need to know where their customer data is stored at all times, as well as how it is stored and what risks they could incur.


For healthcare industries, genetic and biometric data will now be subject to a higher standard of protection.

The processing of these forms of personal data will be prohibited unless certain conditions are met.


The hospitality industry will have to outline its guidelines for collecting and managing personal information.

They must provide a comprehensive account of why they need to process personal data and how long they plan to store it.


Marketing organizations that engage with third-party vendors to track users and collect data will be held responsible for data security and breaches of their data processors’ applications.

Agencies will have to develop campaigns to acquire customers while sharing data subject information with partner companies.


UX and UI organizations will have to build interfaces that adhere to the data capture, erasure, and consent principles stipulated by the GDPR.

They will also have to provide varied levels of granularity to users—catering for consent at different stages of processing.

Your organization and business environments are unique and always evolving, so you'll need a solution that follows a cycle of discovery, management, enforcement, and monitoring. Fortunately, you don't have to figure it all out on your own. Metalogix is a market leading provider of solutions to migrate, manage, and protect content within enterprise collaboration platforms in the cloud and on-premises. We have the tools and expertise to help you tackle some of the bigger information security and compliance challenges of Office 365 and SharePoint, enhancing the persistent protection of your data while helping you address key components of GDPR.


GDPR requires that you find the personal data you store. Metalogix can help you find your sensitive data and classify it accordingly. Sensitive Content Manager will scan and detect personal data across your SharePoint environments in minutes, based on search criteria that you define.


GDPR requires you to track the personal data stored by your organization. Leverage ControlPoint to set and automatically enforce defined governance policies that provide guardrails for normal and compliant business behavior.


GDPR requires that you protect personal data from damage, loss, or breach. ControlPoint monitors user behavior to detect and automatically react to unusual activity - like excessive file downloads or unauthorized access requests - helping to protect against potential breaches and support compliance with the GDPR requirement to report breaches within 72 hours.


GDPR places greater liability on organizations to prove responsible and transparent management of personal data. Gain visibility into who has accessed or altered personal information and sensitive content over any period of time with ControlPoint. Track and demonstrate compliance through highly granular reporting capabilities to support internal and external audit requests.

Thinking of moving to a newer version of SharePoint or Office365 to assist with GDPR compliance? We can help! Check out our migration solutions to get you where you need to go.

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