Expand Your Vision

Let Metalogix Give Your Company a 360° Perspective

Migrations are complex.
There… we said it!

Sure, a narrow view may simplify things, but it leaves you with an incomplete strategy and disappointing results. Instead of simplifying your migration strategy, broaden your view, take it all in, and take it all on! Metalogix can help you get a 360° perspective and develop a strategic approach so you can get the job done right the first time around.

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Your 360° Perspective

Migrations may be complex, but the execution doesn’t have to be. Embrace complexity, expand your vision, and execute with focus!


Understand your scope.

Start by analyzing your source environments (all of them, including content that lives outside of SharePoint) and identify the opportunities for improvements and pitfalls (before they become project killers).


Plan for hybrid.

Build compliance into your plan from the outset with a clear understanding of what content you have and where it can live (on-premise or in the cloud).


Break down the complexity.

Develop a multi-step plan, take care of the basics (e.g. consolidating file shares into OneDrive), and understand how Microsoft’s FastTrack program can help.


Execute with focus.

Use a comprehensive toolset (like Metalogix!) that can handle your entire plan and accelerate your journey with minimal risk; one that embraces security and compliance and can even extend beyond SharePoint to environments like Box and Dropbox.

Get Your 360° Perspective

What’s in Your Peripherals?

Check out what you need to know before you move to Office 365.

Up to 45% of organizations have dealt with a failed migration in the last 24 months, resulting in countless resources, expenses, and hours lost.

Over 50% of users are introduced to SharePoint without proper training, decimating user adoption rates and contributing to a failed migration.

More than 80% of organizations have a limited ability to search across multiple repositories, making migration between platforms increasingly more difficult.

3 Ideas to Get You Started

Metalogix Expert

Is your migration strategy capable of meeting your organization’s needs? Metalogix Expert is a free tool that assesses your environment and helps you plan your migration project.

Essentials for Office 365

Make the most out of OneDrive for Business. Essentials for Office 365 makes consolidating your file shares into the cloud easy and efficient.


Taking control over Shadow IT has never been easier. Content.ly helps you manage and protect content within your cloud collaboration platforms. Schedule an exclusive demo with us at Microsoft Ignite.

Download Metalogix Expert Free!

Download Metalogix Expert and get a 360° view of your collaboration platform. It’s a free tool that assesses your Office 365 and SharePoint environments and provides expert insights on how to successfully migrate your content.