10 Steps to Optimize SharePoint

Reliable access to SharePoint is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome in increasing user adoption of SharePoint and many administrators operate in reaction mode as their environments become larger and more complex. Employees who rely on SharePoint to access critical information take a hit on productivity as they wait for pages to load or worse, get frustrated and go outside the system to get their work done. Join us for our upcoming webinar to understand how you can proactively monitor the health of your SharePoint and what are the top ten things you can do to optimize performance.

Key take-aways/what you will learn:

  • Identify the most common problem areas affecting SharePoint performance
  • WProactively discover and diagnose SharePoint performance and availability
  • Identify where your SharePoint servers are not performing well
  • Monitor critical areas of your SharePoint servers including CPU
  • Set performance thresholds


                          Matt Valleskey

                          Product Marketing Manager


Date and time:

Tuesday, 11 March,14:00 Eastern

Eastern (GMT -05:00)

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1 hour