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Check the health of your SharePoint content database. BLOBulator is a fast and effective tool that measures the amount of performance-robbing Binary Large Objects (BLOBs) bloating your SQL database. BLOBs are large content files like PDFs, PPTs and TIFFs that slow your SharePoint performance. With BLOBulator, you’ll take your first step to:

  • Bypass painful SQL bottlenecks
  • Optimize SQL for SharePoint
  • Uncover best practices for SharePoint storage

Simple, Easy Installation

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With BLOBulator, you’ll get an accurate SharePoint assessment tool that’s easy to install, run, and use. Here are the simple steps to start getting results:

  • Download: Complete the form. Download the ZIP file.
  • Install on your server: Extract the EXE. Double click to run.
  • Run: Pick the databases you want to analyze. Click Start.

Check out our step-by-step tutorial that will walk you through installing and running the BLOBulator.

Blobulator screen shot